Arab School for Sciences and Technology

Arab School for Science and Technology is an Arabic, scientific, and non-profitable organization that introduces to Arab scientists and researchers, university professors, engineers and workers in industry and other fields of production the latest scientific developments, particularly in the areas of application.

The Arab School for Science and Technology was founded in Damascus in 1978 with the initiation of the Scientific Studies and Research, the Higher/Supreme Council for Sciences in Syria and the Institute for Scientific Research in Kuwait. Gradually, other Arab institutions joined the School to become official members. Currently, the School comprises ten Arabic scientific institutions from Syria, Kuwait, and Lebanon. The Arab School now has a branch in Kuwait and another in Lebanon, in addition to the General Secretariat in the headquarters country of Syria. The Arab school has so far set up, or contributed to the establishment of over a hundred scientific workshops (conferences, workshops, meetings, experts...) in various scientific fields in a number of Arab countries. The School has furthermore held a number of training activities.

The Arab School aims

  • Supporting the efforts of technical and scientific cooperation in the Arab world and particularly in the areas of application; and to draw attention to specialties that can play an important role in social and economic development, or that specialities which can achieve technical and developmental progress in the near future within the available human and material potentials in the scientific institutions of the Arab world.

  • Establishing a connection and an interaction between Arab specialists and prominent scientists in the world, and providing group training at the highest globally possible levels.

  • Providing an opportunity for Arab expatriate scientists to look closely at the scientific capacity in their country of origin and to stimulate their participation in its development.

  • Facilitating scientific cooperation between the Arab and Islamic countries through the participation of researchers and specialists in the School workshops and its various activities.

Contributing to informing the Arab and foreign scientific communities of the status of some aspects of the Arab scientific activity and its development prospects through scientific publications.

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