Challenges and Innovations in Nanotechnology

Challenges and Innovations  in Nanotechnology

Call for Papers

18 – 19 December 2019 Damascus – Syria

The Arab School for Science and Technology (ASST) and the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology (HIAST) with the collaboration of the Higher Commission for Scientific Research (HCSR) in Syria and the support of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC of Syria) and the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) have the pleasure to invite you to participate and attend a workshop on: “Challenges and Innovations in Nanotechnology” to be held from the 18th to the 19th of December 2019 in Damascus, Syria.

Workshop Objectives 

  • Providing the Syrian scientific community of researchers, engineers and professors, with an extensive perspective of the exciting and very promising domains of nanotechnology.

Establishing an effective network among Syrian and international researchers in the field.

Envisioning a roadmap for nanotechnology enhancement in Syria.

Main Topics

Nanotechnology research and applications in:

- Functional Materials                                                           - Pharmaceuticals

- Water Treatment, Membrane Technology                       - Medicine 

- Agriculture                                                                          - Construction materials

Scientific Committee

Prof. Yomen Atassi (HIAST, Syria)              Prof. Majd Al Jamali (General Director of HCSR Syria)

Prof. Abdul Wahab Allaf, (AEC of Syria)   Asst.Prof. Ibrahim Alghoraibi (Damascus University, Syria)

Prof. Zaki Ajji (HIAST, Syria)                      Dr. Nassim Alnasser Al-Ali (HIAST, Syria)

Prof. Ibrahim Chouaib (Secretary General of ASST Syria)

Call for Papers

Scientists who are involved in nanotechnology are invited to submit a paper on their research work. Authors should submit papers describing their work in English. Papers should be submitted in an electronic format (Microsoft Word and pdf) and should state clearly the objectives, subject matter and conclusions.

The name, complete mailing address, institution, phone/fax numbers and e-mail of the author/authors must be submitted. In the case of several contributors, a corresponding author should be designated. Papers should be sent to the ASST.


- Saturday, 16th November 2019: Submission of abstracts and authors' CVs.

- Monday, 25th November 2019: Notification of accepted abstracts.

- Monday, 2nd December 2019 Submission of full accepted papers.


The unabridged text of all accepted papers, which are submitted within the deadline set above, will be included in electronic format of the proceedings.


Professionals, researchers, academics and students who are actively involved in the field of nanotechnology.


The workshop will be held in the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology (HIAST) in Damascus.

Official Language

The official language of the workshop is ENGLISH and will be used in all presentations, discussions, and printed materials.

All queries, mails, abstracts and final papers should be sent to the following address:

Violate Kalemkerian

Arab School for Science and Technology (ASST)

P.O. Box 7028 Damascus, Syria

Phone: (+963-11) 5118904                            Fax:(+963-11) 5111083


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