The Activities

The Arab School for Science and Technology seeks to achieve its objectives mainly by holding scientific seminars (conferences, workshops, meetings, experts...) and issuing scientific proceedings of these seminars and distributing them to the audience according to a plan set by the School Board and approved by the Supervisory Committee.

The school can perform these scientific activities individually or in cooperation with national, Arabic or international scientific institutions.
Parties cooperated with the School
The School has previously cooperated with a number of local, Arabic and international parties, such as:
- The Ministry of Higher Education (Syria)
- National Centre for Earthquakes (Syria)
- Qatar University
- The Scientific Research Academy (Egypt)
- The National Research Centre (Egypt)
- Licensing Experts’ Society – Arab Countries (Jordan)
- Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils
- The Islamic Foundation for Science, Technology and Development (Saudi Arabia)
- Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science ( Tunisia)
- UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Technology
- The UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
- World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
The School also cooperates with scientific associations and institutions of the Arab
expatriates, such as NOSSTIA network.

The Seminars

 The scientific seminars held by the school are important occasions for specialists and people interested in a particular subject from various Arab countries to

meet with each other; and with foreign experts and academics with good

scientific expertise who are internationally recognised in the topic discussed.

The Arab school has so far set up, or contributed to the establishment of over a hundred

scientific workshops in various scientific fields. It has also contributed to a number of

training activities. Most of the Arab School seminars are educational, where foreign

experts and academics play the role of lecturers in the field of the proposed scientific

topic and its inferences. Furthermore, the school receives a number of short scientific

papers from those who wish to participate in the seminar including specialists from the

Arabs World. The papers are presented to the Scientific Committee for evaluation and

decision on whether to accept them or not.

Organizing Scientific Seminars Techniques
To prepare for a seminar, the Arab School forms a scientific committee from a group of Arab experts who are qualified in the area of the intended seminar in order to ensure quality performance and high scientific content of the seminar. The School also chooses a scientific advisor, suggested by the Scientific Committee, for the proposed seminar.

 The Scientific Committee of the Seminar:
The Scientific Committee is composed of a group of Arab specialists in the area tackled. The Committee determines the main topics of the seminar and recommends a scientific advisor/consultant to coordinate with in terms of preparing the program, choosing lecturers, and accepting them. Additionally, the Committee considers the short papers submitted to the seminar, requests of subscription and acceptance or rejection of those requests; and follows- up the implementation of the programme for the workshop and the preparation of its final report.

 The Scientific Advisor 

The Scientific committee chooses a scientific advisor for each seminar. This advisor should be an internationally prominent scientific figure specialized in the topic proposed. The Scientific advisor is responsible for suggesting the seminar’s programme, according to the topics laid by the Scientific Committee, choosing the appropriate lecturers, setting the final programme for the seminar, revising the scientific materials or the lectures presented by the lecturers, and coordinating lectures and lecturers to ensure the comprehensiveness and the overall coverage of seminar’s topics.

In addition to that, the advisor give advice on the various scientific fields related to the seminar, the attendance and participation in the seminar’s activities; besides preparing its scientific proceedings.

Governance & Organization
ASST Members
Parties cooperated with the School